Årets julklapp!

179 kr

This year’s Christmas present to all the fur coats that have been extra nice this year (or extra busy for that matter, all darlings deserve something good for Christmas!). Perfect for laying under the Christmas tree to raise the mood, or as a gift to the dog buddy.

Contains 9-10 goodies from Essential Foods fine assortment of dog candy.

Limited edition, so watch out!

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This year’s Christmas present to the dog!

What’s not to like? Chicken sausage (60 grams) Lamb lung (60 grams) Beef sausage (60 grams) Dried beef (60 grams) Dried lamb skin (50 grams) Dried beef tendons (80 grams) Dried chicken (70 grams) Beef rings (50 grams) Crunch bar ( 70 grams)

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